SPR Plumbing Services, domestic and commercial

Roof & Guttering

SPR are the experts to call when you need to replace a gutter or re-roof your house. SPR can replace your tired leaking tile roof with new Colorbond® or Zincalume® giving your home a makeover you will enjoy for years. There are several colours and profiles of roofing and guttering to choose from. Don’t let rusted downpipes ruin your walls and garden, call SPR to replace them with metal or PVC.

Gas Heating Services

SPR has been contracted by the Department of Housing Victoria to test tenant’s heaters for Carbon monoxide leaks throughout the Latrobe Valley. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colourless and odourless deadly gas. It is recommended that you have your gas heater serviced and tested for carbon monoxide every 2 years. SPR can supply and install a wide range of LPG and natural gas heaters.

Ducted Central Heating

Ducted central heating comprises a central heating unit, which is connected to outlets in the floor or ceiling. SPR will position the heating unit in the roof space or under the floor as required. SPR can supply and install a wide range of LPG and natural gas heaters.

Space Heaters and Wall Furnaces

Space Heaters and Wall Furnaces provide abundant warmth with excellent quality and reliability. Ranges of space heating also include gas log heating and gas energy saver heating. SPR can supply and install a wide range of LPG and natural gas heaters.

Wood Heaters

There are many brands and models of wood heaters available. Wood heaters can heat from 10 squares up to 30 squares of spacious living. If you’re looking for a homely, cosy feel, call SPR.

Hot Water Services

SPR will assess your gas supply line to ensure that it complies with regulations. We can also make repairs or spare part replacements when necessary.

Instantaneous Hot Water

Infinity hot water heats water on demand. These systems usually mount on an outside wall.

Solar Hot Water

SPR install roof mounted electric or gas boosted models.

Storage Hot Water

SPR can replace/upgrade/install your gas or electric hot water service to suit your growing family. Internal or external models are available.

Heat Pump Hot Water

Delivers hot water by efficiently utilising a free and abundant source of energy- the heat that is in the air around us. Refrigerant vapour compression technology enables the heat pump to intensify this heat, which is used to produce hot water.

Blocked Drains, Sewers & CCTV

SPR have the latest in drain camera technology to locate the problem in your drains and sewer. Our high-pressure water jetting system will clear almost all blockages without the need to excavate.

Excavations & Drainage

SPR have excavators to install your underground services such as sewer, storm water, agricultural needs, water lines and gas. SPR also provide narrow trenching using a Ditch-Witch for those hard to get at places. Cutting through concrete to lay your drain is no problem with our hand held or walk behind concrete saws.

Burst or Leaking Water Pipes

Burst water pipes can quickly destroy your property. Immediately turn your mains water off and call SPR. SPR have the tools and equipment to repair your burst pipe and, if necessary, will help with any insurance claim. Leaking water pipes which may be a minor problem will, if left unattended, get worse and cause significant damage. An SPR plumber can fix that water leak and provide peace of mind.

Damaged or Leaking Gas Lines

Damaged or leaking gas line around your home should be treated as an emergency. A gas leak is a very serious problem and any explosion can destroy your property. Immediately turn off your mains gas valve and call SPR. SPR have the tools and equipment to repair your burst gas line and, if necessary, will contact the supply company.

Leaking Taps

Leaking taps are an inconvenience and over time will cost you money. SPR’s qualified staff can quickly replace that tap washer and, in most cases solve the problem. SPR will also check your tapware for excessive wear and advise you of your options.

Toilets & Cisterns

SPR can repair/replace your faulty cistern or replace your entire toilet suite for a fixed price. We can supply toilet suites from basic models to the latest in modern design.

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